Portal Series

Here you can find all the original oil paintings I have available in my most recent series of portal paintings. These pieces are exploring a place where the illusion of painting depth on a flat surface is juxtaposed directly with reminders of the material used in the illusion. These thick swipes of oil paint are loaded onto an edge of wood and applied to the painting in one fluid ‘stroke’. Incorporating the holographic glitter elements in these paintings give them an extra magical quality when they shimmer with rainbows in certain lighting.

Your painting will be wired and ready to hang when it arrives.
Shipped within 2-4 days. Please note the shipping size listed in the description of each piece.

If you’d like to arrange local pick-up, select the ‘local pick up’ shipping option. International shipping is available – please contact Jolene at jolenemackie@gmail.com to schedule pick up, or for international shipping options and quotes.

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