Curious Reflections

On display at the Vernon Public Art Gallery
October 11th – December 19th 2018

Artist Statement:

The opportunity to spend three weeks outside of my typical studio routine, and to be embedded in the history, stories and stunning pastoral surroundings of the Mackie Lake House has spurred this new body of work around the theme of reflections. Viewers will find literal reflections in paintings depicting the lake front, and in mirror reflections in these paintings, while the theme extends to the reflections on self and my creative journey in dialogue with the history of this place. My time spent at the Mackie Lake House has encouraged a different approach to creating. Allowing myself to explore loose large scale drawings and sketches from around the property has influenced my painting style, which has a looser more gestural feel in some of these new works. The items and places that I have chosen to feature in this work have been snippets of my time spent here – an attempt to capture moments and memories of this beautiful historical place through my contemporary creative lens.

*Artist photo by Heather Hollingdale